Jacket Blurb

Phew! It’s been a mad dash but we finally made it!

And I don’t think it’s altogether surprising  that it feels like we just made the flight for that delicious beach vacation we’ve been thirsting after for a century by the skin of our teeth!

The two of us have been talking about and lusting after this blog for just about ev-er now! And of course, we thought 29th of Feb would be a great date we could comfortably make. So Not!

But we’re glad we did make it … despite the last desperate dash in the muck of our everyday lives…

So, to all of you who’ve been kind enough to visit and those of you who just tripped across us; as well as those who were tricked by the name (hah!) and those friends whose ears we almost chewed off talking about the blog (we had aimed for more fanfare, we swear) welcome to easyondeyes (also known as Easy on the Eyes and sometimes I’s)!

In case you’re wondering what the blog is about (and we don’t blame you) it’s about Us! And you really should be interested ‘cos we’re a dying species, people! You may mock but it’s true! We were those who loved the smell of a new book and whose faces lit up at the sight of a new bookstore in town (NOT because it sold the latest PS-million games!). We knew of the book before came the movie and people that walked out of a book’s page were as real and as memorable for us as old friends … and we mourned when the bookstores shut and the libraries lost their glamour. We’ve been known as bookworms and nerds and several other unflattering names but hey, what would you know! How a good book can lift up the worst day or speed up the most tiresome journey or bring life in Technicolor to cold and lonely hours …

Why do we read? Because nothing tells the story of mankind like a book – from the past to the future and all the dreams in between. And because there isn’t a better drug than a good story … 

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